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     The sphere of activity of "InTlab" Industrial Technology Laboratory is Computer Information Systems (CIS) development for:

1  The industries.

2  Agriculture.

3  Health care.

4  Public authorities.

5  Commercial business.

6  Municipal economy.

7  Special purpose branches.

     At present we design tailor-made Computer Information Systems for specific customer needs. Our CIS will allow You to manage your business not blindly and to be as much as possible informed of any necessary details.

     Your staff will be given an information tool that can help to improve their performance. The CIS  enables the automated registration of any industrial and business processes. Moreover, the system becomes a part of this process. One must be able to operate the cost price of production in order to be competitive. This is where registered data analysis can help.

     InterSystems (USA) database management system Cache is the basic development tool that we use. In our opinion it is one of the best development tools which even outstrips present-day requirements.

     We are not going to dictate our decisions to you. What we suggest is to combine Your vision with our knowledge and experience in IT field for making a Computer Information System which will be built organically in the production system and allow You to rapidly raise your business efficiency.

Why do we use Cache?

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