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Why we've chosen Cache     Why do we use Cache´?
     InterSystems Cache´ is the high-performance post-relational database management system (DBMS). The core of Cache´ is the Multidimensional Data Engine where data is stored in multidimensional arrays, which allow to store and process various complexity data.

Cache´ supports all data access methods:
1  Object access

Cache´ supports a full range of object modeling techniques, including multiple inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, references and others.

2  Relational access
Data stored in Cache´ is available through the Cache Relational Gateway using SQL.

3  Multidimensional access
This access method is the most flexible and rapid one. It allows to model data as relational tables or objects and to increase productivity of critical parts of application significantly.

A unique feature of Cache´ is that whenever a database object class is defined, Cache´ automatically provides full SQL access to that data. Thus, with no additional work, SQL-based tools will immediately work with Cache data, and even they will experience the high-performance advantage of the Cache multidimensional data server. The reverse is also true. When a DDL definition of a relational database is imported, Cache´ automatically generates an object description of the data, enabling immediate access as objects, as well as through SQL. The Cache Unified Data Architecture keeps these access paths synchronized; there is only one data description to edit. Objects and SQL are implemented by specifying a unified data dictionary that defines the classes and tables and provides a mapping to the multidimensional structures - a mapping that can be automatically generated. Once the data is stored, all three access methods can be simultaneously used on the same data with full concurrency.

Cache´ is a universal environment for accomplishing infological tasks. You can find world's first-rate Cache´-based projects in Healthcare, Telecommunications, Government, Financial and Legal Services. Cache´ makes its data accessible through a wide variety of technologies, which promotes both openness and rapid application development because developers can work with familiar, readily-available tools.

With Cache´, end user organizations are never "locked in" to using any particular operating system. Cache´ runs on Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and OpenVMS. It supports a wide variety of languages, standards, and protocols, so Cache´-based applications can work seamlessly with other applications in almost any system architecture.

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